InfoGro as a distinguishable entity owes its existence to the decision in 2000 to separate the internal IT division of the Obaro Group into a separate business entity. Already in its 80th year, Obaro has garnered a permanent operational presence in 6 provinces. InfoGro, whilst already managing the ICT infrastructure of this 6 province footprint, started offering its communication technology expertise and services to external clients.

During 2005 InfoGro obtained a VANS license (later upgraded to IECS and IECNS) providing the legal capacity to run our own national network infrastructure. Our efforts saw the creation of one of the largest privately owned microwave networks in the Bojanala District comprising more than 13 high sites and covering an approximately 7000km2.

In 2005 InfoGro made the move to pursue the acquisition of its own back-haul data capacity. This pursuit has provided us with dedicated fibre and microwave back-haul data capacity utilised in providing services to a score industries including Mining, Industrial, Corporate, SME, Agricultural as well as the Obaro group itself. At present InfoGro has a very close operational relationship with Sirius Access Solutions (SAS Networks) who is our primary fibre back-haul bandwidth supplier.

Adding to the above “bragging rights” InfoGro also launched its “Schools Initiative” over a year ago whereby we provide free broadband internet access to all schools within our service coverage area. This initiative currently provides free internet access to 12 schools and educational entities including primary and secondary schools, NPO educational programs and community libraries.