• Do I need a Telkom Landline?
    • You will need a Telkom Postpaid line. If you have a Telkom Prepaid line, it must first be converted to support Infogro’s ADSL.
  • What Telkom line prices and options are there?
  • What do I need for my Infogro ADSL service package?
    • You will need:

      An active Telkom Landline
      ADSL enabled in the Exchange (Telkom fast / faster / fastest, etc)
      An ISP product
      An ADSL router. Suggested routers include Netgear, Asus or D-Link.
  • What is ADSL or Fiber Broadband?
    • ADSL and fibre broadband is an internet service we deliver on Telkom's infrastructure. If you have a landline or Telkom fibre in the area, we will be able to provide you with a fast and reliable internet connection. These services are "asynchronous", which means that the upload speed is a portion of the given download speed. For example; you receive a 8Mb download and 750Kb upload range for ADSL and a 8Mb download and 4Mb upload range for fibre.
  • How is Infogro and Telkom connected?
    • Infogro is using Telkom to provide connectivity to homes and businesses. Although it is a Telkom line, the bandwidth supplied on the line is provided by Infogro.
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